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Our scaffolding manufacturing legacy was started by Mr. Ramachandra Devadiga in 1982 under the name Divya Fabricators in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The company then expanded its product line to meet the growing demands of the construction industry and was divided into two branches – Divya Scaffolding systems (Bengaluru) & Alfa Scaffolding (Mangaluru). Recognizing the need to diversify its offerings and establish a global presence, the company is now successfully running under the names Power Scaffolding (Mangaluru) and Garuda Scaffolding (Bengaluru). Power Scaffolding, under the leadership of Mr. Ramachandra Devadiga’s son, Mr. Rajesh Ramachandra, continues to innovate and drive the company’s success into the future.

Mr. Rajesh Ramachandra is a highly skilled engineer with over a decade of experience in the R&D department of a global fortune 500 company, both in India and abroad, with several performance awards to his credit. His technical prowess has been instrumental in the company’s recent growth and success. An innovative fusion of knowledge and production expertise coupled with business strategies enables it to meet the demanding requisites of its clients at competitive rates.

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At the core of the company’s success is its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. Our extensive range of scaffolding units comprise of H frame scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, supported formwork, shuttering, adjustable heavy-duty spans, adjustable telescopic steel props, and other scaffolding components. Power scaffolding guarantees that its products confirm to the International standards of quality, which are tested stringently by its expert quality analysts. It is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, pillared by experienced and qualified engineers and technicians, who work consistently to fulfill all the requirements of the customers. With a focus on using only the finest materials and implementing strict quality control measures, the company has built a reputation for producing scaffolding products that are not only safe and durable but also efficient and cost-effective. This commitment to quality has allowed the company to build long-lasting relationships with clients who rely on their scaffolding products and accessories to ensure the success of their projects.

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Client Satisfaction

From the production line to the sales team, each member of the company works tirelessly to ensure that each customer’s needs are met. The company understands that construction projects can be complex, and their team is always ready to provide expert advice and support to ensure that clients get the right scaffolding products and accessories for their projects. It is this dedication to the customer that has allowed the company to thrive for over three decades and continue to be a trusted leader in the scaffolding manufacturing industry. Choose Power Scaffolding for all your scaffolding needs and experience the difference of working with a trusted and reliable scaffolding manufacturer.